Title Screen

When loading the game, some of the following splashes can be seen:

Healing from ego injury...

"It's time to kick *** and chew bubble gum... but you're in a coma." -Duke Nukem

Waking out of coma...

Waiting on global warming...

compilation in progress


Splash Text is commonly found on the shop screen. It will appear in the form of sticky notes.

(In no particular order):

They say there are no icebergs in Africa! But I can't fly there...

Maybe just wait for Global Warming...

Screenshot (102)-0.png

Screenshot (106).png

Screenshot (107).png

Mission Screen

This screen, for clarification, is the screen accessible by clicking Ready in the shop. It also contains splash text in the form of sticky notes.

Day Counter:

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step... and [# of days] crashes...

Obstacle description:

Snowman (and also if every obstacle has been destroyed at least once):


Complete Challenges to earn some extra cash along with your regular earnings.

Obstacles too hard to destroy? Try Global Warming at the Bonus Shop!

Beat the game to unlock Classic and Arcade Mode

Learn to Fly was inspired by these great games, try them out!

  • Captain Braidy 2
  • Hedgehog Launch
  • Shopping Cart Hero

Arcade Mode is perfect to earn more Bonus Points and challenge your friends to beat your scores!

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