"Used on the ramp, they increase your initial acceleration and your take-off speed"

The Shop's description of Sleighs


Sleighs, also often called sleds, give your glider an initial boost into the air, be it take-off speed or height. They make an appearance in Learn 2 Fly.

Types of Sleighs

Regular sleighs have really no effect other than launching the penguin into the air based purely on the make of sleigh as well as the ramp.

Active sleighs often tend to have lower speeds than regular sleighs, but the player can tap the space-bar to launch the penguin higher into the air right at the end of the ramp.

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  1. The Plank
  2. The Plank Mark II
  3. Good Ol' Sled
  4. Bobsleigh
  5. Spring Box
  6. El Bouncy
  7. (ka)Boom Box
  8. SuperSlide
  9. Omega Coil
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