"Sure, you can fly to space, but can you make it with extra weight?"


Payload mode is legitimately obtained by completing a story mode game for the first time. Alternatively, the player could also just click and hold the title to unlock it.


Payload Mode is a gamemode exclusive to Learn to Fly 3.

Payload Mode is a gamemode that has its objective in trying to haul a payload of a given weight to space whilst actually flying to space. Space in this gamemode is always at an altitude of 200,000'.

Screenshot (130)

The Payload Mode Mission Screen depicting the payload weights, altitude goals, and rewards.

Payload Mode is completed by flying to space with all the payload sizes.

The Medals affiliated with this gamemode are:

  • Payload Mode, which requires the player to beat the game.
  • Payload Challenge, which requires the player to beat the game in under 16 days.
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