The Omega Catalog is an item found in the bonus sections of Learn 2 Fly and Learn 2 Fly Mobile: the Bonus Shop and Artisan Accessories, respectively.

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The Omega Catalog in Flash version is sold at the price of 1000 bonus points. When bought, it unlocks access to:

  • Sleds:
    • SuperSlide
    • Omega Coil
  • Gliders:
    • Omeglider
    • The Chopper
  • Thrusters:
    • Omega Drive
    • Balloon Mk. II
    • Solid Boosters
  • Payload:
    • Dark Matter

The Omega Catalog in Mobile version is priced at 50 Ice Diamonds. When bought as a passive bonus, it unlocks access to:

  • Omega Glider at Gusty Gliders
  • The Omega Drive at Radical Rockets
  • Dark Matter at Payload Palace
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