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The Omega Catalog is an item found in the bonus sections of Learn 2 Fly and Learn 2 Fly Mobile: the Bonus Shop and Artisan Accessories, respectively.

The Omega Catalog as seen in the Bonus Shop.

The Omega Catalog in Flash version is sold at the price of 1000 bonus points. When bought, it unlocks access to:

  • Sleds:
    • SuperSlide
    • Omega Coil
  • Gliders:
    • Omeglider
    • The Chopper
  • Thrusters:
    • Omega Drive
    • Balloon Mk. II
    • Solid Boosters
  • Payload:
    • Dark Matter

The Omega Catalog in Mobile version is priced at 50 Ice Diamonds. When bought as a passive bonus, it unlocks access to:

  • Omega Glider at Gusty Gliders
  • The Omega Drive at Radical Rockets
  • Dark Matter at Payload Palace