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The Omega Items are a series of items that appear in Learn 2 Fly, Learn to Fly 3, and Learn 2 Fly Mobile. They are the most powerful and expensive items in their respective games, and are not available to purchase immediately, instead having to be unlocked before use.

Learn 2 Fly

Omega Items were introduced in Learn to Fly 2. In that game, to unlock them you must first buy the Omega catalog. After buying it, you unlock:

Learn to Fly 3

In Learn to Fly 3, there are 6 Omega Items, which are unlocked by collecting 3 card parts (per item) from booster packs. they are:

Omega Penguin

The Omega Penguin is not to be confused with the remaining items, being a relatively good body unlocked from an achievement, not a booster pack.

Learn 2 Fly Mobile

The Omega Catalog is required to purchase any omega items. After doing so, the Omega Glider, Omega Drive, and Dark Matter all become unlocked in their respective shops.


  • The Omega Brick is the heaviest item in Learn to Fly 3.
  • There is no explosive omega payload in Learn 2 Fly.