Not to be confused with the flying obstacles seen in Learn to Fly 3.

An Obstacle is something that the player has to destroy in order to complete Learn to Fly 2. The obstacles get tougher depending on how far they are. The players are given a Destruction Bonus depending on the obstacle. In order to require less speed to destroy obstacles and reduce the slowing effect, it is recommended to buy a payload.

Name Distance Reward (Base/+5%/+10%/+15%) Mission Description
Snowman 90 $40/$42/$44/$46
Snowmound 400 $150/$158/$165/$173
Screenshot (112)
Rocky Hill 1000 $1000/$1050/$1100/$1150
Screenshot (108)
Iceberg 2200 $2500/$2625/$2750/$2875
Screenshot (110)
The Wall 4500 $10000/$10500/$11000/$11500
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