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Grab your rockets and glider to show the world a penguin can fly!

About the game

Learn to Fly was the very first game in the Learn to Fly series.

This game introduces the protagonist, a penguin that learns how to fly with the use of a glider and a rocket.

A game by Max Games, in cooperation with Light Bringer Games.

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To prove to the world a penguin can fly, the penguin tries to fly, but is unsuccessful, though he earns currency for each flight. Using this, he upgrades his glider and rocket, and flies at high speeds in joy over his accomplishment until he hits the Wall, setting the stage for Learn 2 Fly.


The gameplay is very simple. You use the space bar to use rocket fuel and the left and right arrow keys to move up or down, respectively. There is only one save file.

The penguin on the ramp.


Learn to Fly is a fairly short play; there are only 3 gliders, 3 rockets, and 4 upgrade meters.


  • Glider 1: It's a pretty broken glider that doesn't produce much lift. It also has lame flight speed.

"Old beat-up glider, can it really fly?"

  • Glider 2: It's an OK glider with good lift and good speed.

"Your everyday, typical hang glider."

  • Glider 3: The best. It has the best in all things glider.

"High-Tech sailplane that enables incredible glide ratio."


  • Rocket 1: A horribly inefficient rocket with bad fuel. Period.

"Rocket Propelled Penguin. Period."

  • Rocket 2: A still inefficient rocket with a significant increase in fuel.

"Twice the power of your regular penguin rocket."

  • Rocket 3: The best rocket there is.

"Now that's just plain dangerous..."


  • Learn to Fly foreshadows Learn 2 Fly in its final cutscene, where the Penguin flies into the Wall.
  • Learn to Fly was officially released to Kongregate on May 16, 2009.
  • Learn to Fly's Mobile counterpart was discontinued. It is no longer available on the App Store or Google Play.