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Learn to Fly is a series of games created by Light Bringer Games.

There are five titles in the franchise so far:

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About the Games

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Learn to Fly is a series based around a Penguin attempting to learn to fly. After a multitude of failures and excuse notes, he manages to do so. Well, until he crashes into the Wall. The dodo mocks him for his failure, and he resolves to get revenge.

The Penguin Protagonist returns in Learn 2 Fly, this time with a head bandage from the hospital, and acts a little more wisely in flying a dummy rather than doing the flying himself. The Penguin uses the dummy to destroy all the icy obstacles that stood in his way before, finally destroying the Wall that caused him to fail years earlier. Then, he proves he can fly with the new equipment provided. (and without crashing like earlier)

The Dodo isn't very happy about this, and issues another challenge for the Penguin to fly to space.

Some years later, the Penguin hires Baby Penguin to go take a cannon and kill all the icy obstacles that stand between them and deep space in Learn to Fly Idle. After successfully doing so, the Penguin gathers a whole team of penguins to help coordinate a massive string of flight attempts. After many, many days, the Penguin finally flies to the moon.

But the Dodo isn't finished yet. He issues a number of challenges that he believes Penguin NASA is not capable of completing. After being proved wrong again, he gets really pissed and attempts to prove dodos can fly too. Not sure how that went really... that's up to the player.

The story still continues and there is more to come...