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 "You learned how to fly, but icebergs stopped your path and crushed your dreams. Now you're back for revenge!"

About the Game

This game is the sequel to Learn to Fly.  It introduces payloads, which help destroy Obstacles, and Sleighs, which help you to take off. It also replaces the penguin with a dummy in story mode.

Special Note Post Adobe Flash

The Kongregate flash player no longer works. A download can be found here, or a bypass can be used by pasting the following link in the browser search bar:


You will need the Supernova Player for the link to actually play anything.

The penguin with Canned Air and an Old Glider

Spoilers Begin Here!
Information regarding plot or other major details begin here.

After the events of Learn to Fly, the penguin is in the hospital and bandaged on his head due to the injuries he sustained on his impact. Unable to fly himself, he employs a dummy penguin to fill in for him. Upgrading the dummy's equipment to it's maximum, he is eventually able to use it to destroy the iceberg. He posts on his account for a social media site called Fakebook about his accomplishment, but is criticized and insulted. Frustrated, he decides to shove his treasure chest of equipment out the door.

A secret ending shows the penguin watching as his dummy flies over the iceberg and toward the island of Mauritius, where a dodo is in his hut typing up insults about penguins in an edit to a Wikipedia article on the Emperor Penguin. Suddenly, the dummy comes in without warning and destroys his hut. The penguin is surprised. It is not revealed what happens to the dodo after his hut is destroyed. This awards the ICBP medal to the player.


The gameplay is similar to its prequel, and you still use the left and right arrow keys to steer and the space button to use a boost. However, a mouse control was also introduced, meant to be more accurate but forcing you to steer slowly.