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Launchers are the means of getting airborne off the ground. Some will require manual input for a proper launch. If it seems too hard, then one can buy the Time Warp from the Black Market to assist with launch. Mostly that's all they do, but there is one exception...

You can go each item's individual page by browsing in the gallery below. The items are listed below in order.

Launchers (Listed by order in the shop screen)

Empty: Unlocked by default

  1. Coil
  2. Slingshot
  3. Tilt Cannon
  4. Grenade
  5. Russian Roulette
  6. Catapult [A]
  7. "Kick" Starter
  8. Explosives
  9. Powder Cannon
  10. Steamshot
  11. Bazooka
  12. Launch Pad
  13. Alien Bait
  14. Nuclear Reactor
  15. Orbital Cannon
  16. Big Bertha
  17. Omega Coil