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Gliders are a class of item that enable flight in the game. They appear in Learn to Fly, Learn to Fly Mobile, Learn 2 Fly, and Learn 2 Fly Mobile.

Learn to Fly

A full list is available on the Learn to Fly wiki page, located here. (There's only three of them.)

Learn to Fly Mobile

Learn 2 Fly

In Learn 2 Fly, gliders come in three varieties:

  • Regular gliders just glide. They have a decent top speed, but depend on speed to actually fly at all.
  • Passive gliders have the lowest top speeds of all the varieties. They, however, provide a set amount of lift regardless of the speed of travel.
  • Propelled gliders have mediocre to average top speeds. However, they all come with a propeller attached that uses its own fuel gauge. These gliders otherwise provide no lift.

There are 16 gliders in Learn 2 Fly:

  1. Kite
  2. Old Glider
  3. Hang Glider
  4. H.I.G.H. Tech
  5. UltraLight Trike
  6. UltraLight Aircraft
  7. Pingu Balloon
  8. Umbrella
  9. Parachute
  10. Zeppelin
  11. Old Fan
  12. Propeller
  13. Whirlybird 512
  14. The Brick
  15. Omeglider
  16. The Chopper

Learn 2 Fly Mobile

Gliders behave very similarly, though they also have a mass stat.

For a full list, visit the Gusty Gliders page.