"Slip into something a little more comfortable with these performance-boosting outfits."

The line of text on the shopfront.


Flightless Fashion as it appears on the map.

Flightless Fashion is a shop in Learn 2 Fly Mobile. It sells outfits that provide various perks on launch, which equip in the bonus slot along with accessories. It is located at 13000 meters.

Panda Costume

It costs 20 Ice Diamonds. Increase slide speed on ramp.

Troll Costume

It costs 25 Ice Diamonds. Increase speed while leaving the ramp.

Pig Costume

It costs 30 Ice Diamonds. Gives better acceleration pushing the sledge.

Sushi Costume

It costs 35 Ice Diamonds. Gives a better speed boost to ramp gliding that the Panda Costume.

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