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In Learn 2 Fly

Boosts are the primary source of propulsion in Learn 2 Fly (and the only, with the exception of propelled gliders). They give the glider the thrust needed to continue flying.

Types of Boosts

Based on how they are triggered, boosts are classified as Toggled, One-Shot, or 4-shot. Each class is... very self-explanatory.

  1. Propulsor
  2. Sugar Rocket
  3. Pulse Jet
  4. THOR Ramjet
  5. Air Balloon
  6. Canned Air
  7. Rocket Firework
  8. Cruise Missile
  9. "Whistle" Rocket
  10. Auxiliary Boosters
  11. "Lift-Off"
  12. Omega Drive
  13. Balloon Mk.II
  14. Solid Boosters

In Learn to Fly 3

Boosts are extra propulsion and side functions to be added on to the stages in Learn to Fly 3. They are activated by pressing the up arrow. Some require manual input, others are passive and always run. Some are downright strange, though...

You can go to each item's individual page by flipping through the gallery below. Their order is also listed below.

Boosts (Listed in order by position in the Shop Screen)

Empty: Unlocked by Default

  1. Pingu Balloon:
  2. The Brick
  3. Auxiliary Rockets
  4. Cash Drive
  5. Pressurized Gas
  6. Fins
  7. Propellers
  8. Spin Booster
  9. Dodgers
  10. Fuel Canister
  11. Repeller
  12. Mini Helpers
  13. Shields
  14. Money Turbine
  15. Multi Rockets
  16. Dark Matter
  17. Bug Drive
  18. Multi Jumps
  19. Steam Booster
  20. Rocket Boost
  21. F1 Bell Nozzle
  22. The Omega Brick
  23. Omega Boosters