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The Black Market is one of the features added in Learn to Fly 3 v1.1.0.

The Black Market lets players buy items in exchange for sardines (Rare Points) which are sometimes exclusive to the Black Market. It is exclusive to Kongregate and Steam users.

Items for Sale

The deals found in the Black Market are as follows:

The Bundle

Everything found in the Black Market that can be bought as one unit. Costs 550 Sardines.

Extra Items

These are items that are exclusive to the Black Market. They are the Big B.I.R.D, the Launch Pad, the Shields, the the DIY, the Vector and the Rodeo. Buy for 175 sardines!

Cheat Options

A bunch of extra options that can be accessed through the shop screen. Pretty useless, and it's worth 100 sardines, too.

Extended Upgrades

Extended Upgrades let you upgrade all items (Bodies, Launchers, Stages, Boosts, and Bonus Shop) to Max Level +100. You'll have to upgrade their respective tools first at the Bonus Shop. Buy for 175 Sardines!

Time Warp

Time Warp lets you activate Fast-Forward and Slo-mo, hotkeys being F and G, respectively. Costs 100 sardines.

Fast-Forward can help when a stage/boost/body is taking too long to run out of fuel (although the wind can steer you out of whack), and Slo-mo can help when you have an active launch sequence.


Consumables cost 10 sardines each. They are the Earninator, Floatifier, and Speedifier.

  1. The Earninator doubles your earnings for a day.
  2. The Floatifier reduces gravity by 50% on your next flight.
  3. The Speedifier increases thrust and reduces drag.

Booster Packs

Booster Packs (the 5-card variation) are 30 sardines each. Pick whichever one you want, but depending on your situation, this deal may or may not be worth much to you.

The Dodo Invaders arcade machine is located in the far right panel of the Black Market, barely visible in the darkness. For Steam users, you need to open the game to get the Gameception achievement, and the Old School Fun, Not So Fun achievement is obtained by beating the default highscore on the leaderboard, 2500 points. Doing so will award 15 sardines.

There is a My Purchases section of the Black Market where you can view your purchases and enter codes.

The Black Market looks a bit like this... (Image was spliced.)

Black Market (Combined).png

The Arcade machine is at right...